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August 2010

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We know what you were thinking when you woke up this morning: you’ve got to get some Heat tickets.

Also: it’s so hard to find a good, underground vegetarian dinner party in this city.

Well, you can stop worrying about that second one. Because we’ve found a place. And it’s veg-tacular.

It’s called Conscious Bite Out, a monthly dinner party complete with some of the tastiest raw/organic/vegetarian/vegan food lovers in town (also: vegetarian food), and it’s now taking reservations for its event next month.

So here’s the deal: you’ll arrive at a small gallery called The Sacred Space. As you introduce yourself to the city’s most prominent and sexy raw-food fanatics, you’ll be handed a glass of organic red wine from Italy. You should also feel free to bring your own organic wine.

Then, you’ll take a seat at a gigantic communal table, and you’ll get down to the vegetable-related business. Details are still being hammered out, but expect a five-course feast with things like Italian salad, fresh-made pastas, burrata and maybe even a piece of fish.

In addition to the benefits of throwing your taste buds a changeup and potentially meeting a few vivacious soy-milk drinkers, you’ll also be pleased to hear that this type of meal promotes a stronger heart, stronger bones, better sleep patterns, healthier skin and healthier hair.

It seems to work for Natalie Portman…

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Conscious Bite Out invites you to experience the rustic flavors of Tuscany. Join us on Thursday, August 26th at 7:30 in the evening at the beautiful Sacred Space as Chef Andrea Menichetti, Executive Chef of the highly anticipated Vino & Olio (opening in the Design District in October) delights your palate with simple but genuine and flavor-filled cuisine. Enjoy a 5 course menu of local, seasonal and organic ingredients married with some of his most famous family secrets, including his very own organic extra virgin olive oil.

Cost: $65/person including Organic Italian Wines.

Savor: Squash with Wild Mushroom & Minty Zucchini Shrimp Shooters.“Acquacotta” Chilled Raw Tomato Soup with Celery, Carrots, Basil and Burrata.Summer Greens dressed with Fennel and Oranges.“Gnudi” Spinach and Ricotta Baked with Parmesan Olive Oil.Mango & Dragonfruit Delight.

To RSVP please call 305.608.9101 or email us at Sacred Space is located at 100 N.E 25th Street (2 blocks west of Biscayne Blvd)